Free Writing Apps for Windows 10 Users

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Writing is not necessarily everyone’s favorite thing to do, because nowadays, few people find it challenging, demanding, and even boring if the sentence is too long. There are several free applications and writing tools for Windows 10 that you can easily use to think of the best files, articles, searches, Internet articles, etc. This saves you a lot of work and time and allows you to practice writing a less responsible job. Below are some of the best tools and apps or windows ten that are useful in writing to become a successful writer.

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ProWriting is your best option if your built-in grammar checker fails. It is a multi-purpose program that displays, trains the writing, and provides instructions on writing styles. The reports generated when the Writing Guide document is loaded incredibly useful to incorporate the quality of the text and the effectiveness of the opinion based on the chosen duration.


Beautiful article designs are the ideal target for any writer who has a design-related purpose in mind. Design tools like Adobe InDesign are expensive, so Scribus is here to make your work easier.


Grammar is one of the best grammar controllers on the Internet. It is quite flexible and is accessible for online processing of a wide variety of applications and uses. There is a perfect free version of Grammar to meet your basic writing needs. However, if you want more professional writing and deeper editing, you can upgrade to Grammarly Premium.

FreeMind writing

Freemind is only one of the best applications for writing online aritcles, research articles or university thesis, as it not only serves as a writing and editing program but also allows you to write your ideas creatively. It will enable you to be on track and organized since it has diagrammatic displays of your thoughts.


If you are looking for a completely free alternative that works as a word processor, LibreOffice is the right tool for you. It is simple and allows different types of file formats. It includes icons, toolbars, and standard menus, but without the ribbon function as it is already available in Word.

Author: David Pomen