the error can be fixed using this simple ways
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Simple Ways to Fix wnaspi.dll Error

DLL error can be varied. XtendedView will give you some insights about how to deal with dll error in common. WNAspi.dll and WNAspi32.dll are one of them that work as documents used by Windows to support the processing of all the functions needed to burn a CD and DVD to your system. You can learn more about dll error If you find errors in these registries, it is usually a problem caused by how your computer cannot load these files, so you must be willing to work together to solve any problems your system might have so that your computer can run as smoothly as possible. The great thing is that you can easily solve the problems you have with these files if you can apply the website’s measures.

Wnaspi.dll error can be fixed easily

Understand the Error

WNAspi.dll error can be detected when you see a sign that says, “I can’t find Wnaspi32”. With this, reinstalling the program and performing a registry cleanup will be the simple solution. These errors are revealed when you try to use the various CD/DVD burning programs used on Windows systems, from Nero to Roxio, to use documents for your work. Regardless of the files that play an essential role on your PC, it is true that they always cause a large number of problems because the file is corrupted or your applications cannot process documents correctly.

Reinstall the Nero or Roxio Program

it's easy to fix itYou will get a list of all the programs that are probably on your computer, and then you can select the ones that cause errors and remove them from the system. This removes the program and also the settings you may have when browsing the document. You will then have to reinstall the applications from the CD or Internet resource where you originally received them.

Perform a Registry Cleanup

After reinstalling the defective applications, we recommend using a registry cleaner to correct one of these registry errors that your PC may have. The registry is where the latest emails, wallpapers, and, most importantly, a list of your program’s DLL files are located. The registry is a great cause of problems like wnaspi.dll and wnaspi32.dll, so if you want to correct these errors, you should use a registry cleaner to analyze your computer with this component and correct them to be good.