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Features to Consider for a Custom PC Build

Despite the launch of video cards encouraging 4K gambling resolution, 1080p remains the most frequent PC gaming resolution. Nowadays, most people are active mining Bitcoins or playing HD games. Many gamers opt for liquid cooled graphics card to get the best performance from their investment. Here are tips to keep in mind when building a custom gaming PC or mining rig.gamepad

Buy a Good GPU

We recommend that you select AMD. Another option you will need to make is choosing a GPU produced by XFX or even Shapphire. There’s another alternative named Gigabyte MSI. So far, Shapphire manufactures the best quality GPU cards. In the end, you can not afford to squander tens of thousands of dollars on graphics cards. It is far better to invest a little more and choose top quality merchandise only.

Download the Correct Drivers

PCsIn case you’ve got 280-290 graphics cards, then you might want to select 15.12 drivers. On the flip side, we recommend that you get the most recent drivers for most recent cards. Even though plenty of folks are into Linux, Windows still does a perfect job.

The main reason is that the best quality rigs for gaming or mining are created for your Windows OS. Additionally, Windows-based systems are simple to run. USB risers will be the devices that enable you to connect your PC using the card. These days, technology has helped us to use USB risers due to their stability and efficacy.

Add a Cooling Feature

You are aware that heat kills digital devices pretty shortly. The same holds for graphics cards too. Should you use the cards the ideal way, they’ll do the job for you for several years. All you have to do is remove the screws in the card and add some new cooling paste on the GPU chip. That is it. It will manage the cooling of your GPU. Because of this, you may keep your GPU trendy for a long time to come. This is going to make your GPU last a good deal more than your expectations.