Benefits of In-App Purchases for Developers


Have you ever looked at the “Top 10” lists at Apple’s App Store and found that more than half of the apps that are paid for can be downloaded entirely free? Is this possible? The App Store has introduced a feature that allows customers to pay directly – using their customer’s link, of course. This feature has taken some time, but it is now one of the benefits plans for developers.


The Freemium Model

A popular purchase technique within the application is the “fermium” variant, where applications like TopStore is completely free for everyone to download either on your tablet or on your phone. People who use the application can often update it to get more functionality. This technique is often used by developers of utilities such as image editing programs, where many effects are free, but additional filters are available at $0.99. This way, users can benefit from the program.

The Free Trial

Trial The App Store does not allow you to download trial versions of games/applications. But for consumers, developers can offer a demo and trial version of these apps through purchases. If the consumer likes the game, he can buy the remaining quantities – directly from the app – for the price of the game.

It gives you the opportunity to put your game in the hands of customers more than is possible. They are more likely to try it, as applications can be downloaded by users without a price tag and without an upgrade.

The “Currency” Model

We’ll take a look at the plan, which is the most effective of all. It is used by strategy and social game programmers. Games offer users the opportunity to create, but buying these items will also improve the experience. The increase in purchases in the app store has created the opportunity to make profits that generate quality and depth in the app store for developers.

Author: David Pomen