The Reasons Why Your Mac Runs Slow


Computers are used today for practically all tasks such as file preparation, communication, job preparation, research, purchasing, business, etc. Compared to the past, the computer is no longer a market or a luxury but has become necessary. It isn’t easy to imagine a lifetime of it. Since we use it often, we also have to take care of its maintenance. If you get the impression that your PC doesn’t work as quickly and efficiently as it should, there may be many reasons for its slow operation related to insufficient PC maintenance. The main reasons for slow performance, Let’s see what the reasons below. In order to get information about how to boost your computer performance, you can read on Flux magazine.


Many Programs Starting at Boot-up

Occasionally, once installed on the computer, programs are automatically run on the PC when Windows starts. This is because they are designed to do so. This feature is advantageous if you use this program every time you use your PC. However, if you don’t, it could be frustrating because it could waste and slow down your memory.
Therefore, if you have too many programs set to work automatically on your system, you may want to change your settings so that fewer programs work.

Many Applications Programs Installed

If you prefer to download and install software on your PC, such as games and other applications, this can explain the slow performance of your PC. Therefore, you need to remove and delete unnecessary programs.
This is a common cause of slow PC performance, as it can cause significant damage to your PC.

System Infected by Malware

Malware or spyware are applications that introduce themselves in virus downloads or your system through websites or emails. They have been installed on your order without your understanding. These applications can damage and corrupt your apps, your operating system, along with your documents. They must be removed before damage occurs.

Registry Problems Tablet

A registry is a place on your system where most of the data and activities performed on and on your PC are stored and stored. If this gets damaged or swollen, the system starts to run slowly and can produce abrupt results. This can be the result of fatal errors on the blue screen. To fix this problem, enter a registry cleaner that analyzes and repairs damaged or swollen files.

Poor Security Software

Many security applications are full of software. They require a lot of system resources and memory. You can slow down your PC if these programs are running on your PC. Install applications, and from sources, you trust, then scan them.

Hard Disk Fragmentation

If you have been using your PC for decades, the chances are good. This will result in the fragmentation of files. So, once you want to scan the data, it takes some time for the machine to capture the input of parts of those documents. The response time increases. The remedy is to run defragmentation programs and collect your files.

Small Webpage


Windows page capture is a temporary source of memory used by your PC when processing various functions. Since the web page is too small, the operating system does not have enough room for maneuver, which contributes to the PC’s poor performance and opens the order to the possibility of various types of error codes.

Over Heating Computer

If you do not give your PC enough room for ventilation, it tends to overheat. And your PC starts to work, this happens, and it starts to get sloppy. These components overheat when necessary for long periods and stop working. This can help improve the performance of your PC.

Author: David Pomen